We aim to provide a wide range of grocery products and essentials from many of Britain’s most loved brands and specialities.  Please feel free to contact us to check on any specific item you may require.

The core product range is made of the following:


Large range in stock that includes confectionery and crisps, cakes, and biscuits, Indian and Chinese cooking ingredients and accompaniments, pickles and sauces, gravies and spices, jams, marmalades and spreads, crackers, hot drinks and teas, tinned meats, fish, pies, soups, and vegetables, desserts, essential baking ingredients like flours, sugars, dried fruits, jellies, cake mixes etc, canned drinks, squashes and cordials.


BREAD PRODUCTS plus crumpets, pastry & desserts

VEGETARIAN products inc. Quorn & Linda McCartney

VEGETABLES inc Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings, Birds Eye

SAUSAGES lots of choice plus sausage rolls, Haggis, Black Pudding

FISH plus Ready meals and prepared foods

PIES and BACON plus Gammon Steaks, pork pies 


Regular stocks are kept of different creams, cheeses, fresh bacon and gammon joints, lard and butter. 


A range of toiletries and household cleaning items including brands like Fairy, Zoflora, Epsom salts, Imperial leather, Brasso, Brillo.


A small selection of greetings cards are kept in stock together with   various gift items and British souvenirs.

There is a core product range always stocked in the shop. Seasonal specialities become available according to the time of year, namely; Easter, summer, Christmas and winter.  Please visit the shop for further information.

See the “Latest News” page for information on new stock items and promotions.

Please visit us in store for further information on pricing and current product availability.

Your UK Favourites available in France